Friday, November 20, 2015

Pursuing Peace

I would venture to guess that the topic of "peace" has been on the hearts and minds of many of us recently.   Our world is unraveling at alarming and scary depths right before our eyes.  It seems hard to even catch our breath and try to comprehend even a small bit of it.  I, myself, am in disbelief at the sick, twisted evil that reigns in people's hearts.   How could things get SO BAD?  We could go on asking a million questions and looking for a millions answers,...but...

One great grace that comes from my personal trial that I am managing is the amount of alone and quiet time which allows me the space to "pursue peace".  God has already GIVEN me His Peace as a gift, but I still must pursue it daily so that I can choose to "live it out" for the world around me.  It is a choice. 

 Just like being thankful is a choice.  I can LIVE thankfully or not.   I am grateful for the many blessings God bestows upon me each and everyday and this beautful, albeit broken, world.  I pray my choices and actions reveal my path to peace and gratitude.  

The Simple Path----Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The fruit of silence is
The fruit of prayer is 
The fruit of faith is
The fruit of love is 
The fruit of service is 

     Holy Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.  

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  1. Lisa,
    So true...being thankful is a CHOICE. I loved the Simple Path by Mother Teresa! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving filled with peace and joy!
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xx