Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow day

Living here in New England usually means dealing with some type of winter weather.  This could mean a mixture of rain, sleet, ice, and or snow for months.  Those dark and dreary long days devoid of pretty sunshine can be a challenge to one's mental well being for sure.  However,  I still enjoy living in an area that has four distinct seasons because it helps me keep my flow and rhythm with the natural cycles of life.

We have been spoiled this winter with an unusually warm start and very little precipitation in the form of ice or snow, that is, until this past weekend.  Our first storm, Anna, came to visit.  Depending on where you live, it really wreaked havoc in many areas along the coast as well as in other states. In our specific location, we were fairly lucky.  We dealt with manageable amounts of snow, and our plows have been up and running smoothly.   We feel very grateful indeed.  

I, myself, feel grateful in a way that I haven't felt in years.   I actually can't recall a snowstorm in the past several years where I haven't been in bed for days on end with a "nor'easter" migraine.  The wicked and fast changing pressure system absolutely does me in and is a huge trigger for me.   I am unable to even vaguely "enjoy" the snow.  I might run and take a few pictures quickly before I medicate to have some nice memories, but that is about it. I Can't remember building a snowman, lying in the snow creating a snow angel, or throwing snowballs at my hubby!! (Well, I better be careful of that one. He does the shoveling of course! LOL.)

But this past storm, I celebrated!  Woo Hoo!  Hubby and I had a most relaxing and fun snow day.  We stayed inside attacking some long overdue chores, cooked and baked, watched old movies, and snuggled under warm blankets.  He painted while I knitted.  We talked and texted family members giving and receiving updates on the storm.  I smiled and sang and gave God praise.  I was peaceful in body, mind, and spirit.  

Is the last round of Botox working? I am hoping so.  How long will this little break of mine last?  I don't know, but for now, I am enjoying every second of it.  I hardly want to sleep because I just want to savor this calm feeling.   I will continue to give God praise for all of his blessings because a thankful heart is what sees His Hands taking care of our lives.    

Maybe I will go make a snow angel and celebrate!
And if you are able,  be thankful, and go make one, too!    :))

On second thought....

Monday, January 4, 2016

My year of YES

For the past couple of years I have been challenged with thinking of a "word for the year" to contemplate, pray about, and walk it out essentially.  This challenge intrigued me as another way to enhance my spiritual life and grow in my faith.  This word for the year was presented to me three years into my illness, so I first chose the word HOPE.  That word I hung onto with fervor (and of course still do!),  but I really let it lead me through the tough and confusing and weary days.  Last year I chose BRAVE as my word.  Boy, did I need to be and feel brave as my illness took twisted and scary turns, and I just kept feeling more helpless and weak and lost.   I learned that no matter if people choose the same word, that word's meaning can sure look different for everyone depending upon their specific circumstances and season in life.  God was revealed to me in deeper ways through HOPE and BRAVE for sure.  

This brings me to my word for this year---YES!!  I prayed a lot about my word, and I felt that God was asking me to say YES to my circumstances no matter what lies ahead for me personally or with my family.  My health challenges and struggles continue and even though I feel God has said NO to my physical healing for now, He wants me to say and live YES.  That seems like a tall order to me, but I am going to give it a go.  Our Blessed Mother said YES, and her YES changed EVERYTHING.   I have no doubt she was scared and frightened and confused too, but she offered her YES completely with complete trust.

I will try and offer my YES completely only with God's amazing grace.  I am going to say YES to new treatment regimens and doctors.  I am going to say YES to being more compassionate and gentle with myself and stop pushing my body and mind and spirit to the point of trying to "look strong".  Saying YES to letting go of expectations of myself or others that don't serve me well. I am going to say YES to offering my weakness and brokenness to God and allowing Him to do His work through the weakness---not inspite of it, but BECAUSE of it. 

I look forward to saying YES to more opportunities to good times with family and friends while pursuing more joy and laughter which have sorely been lost in me.  Living out YES will involve some interior changes that feel a bit scary right now, but that is okay.  I am taking it one day, one moment, at a time. 

Most importantly, my complete YES means giving THANKS to my God in EVERY circumstance.  Receiving His blessings with thankfullness and praise and a big YES is how I want to live my days.  

My friends, I pose the one word challenge to you.  Maybe you already have accepted it and are well on your way!  Yahoo!  If not, it is something to think about for the new year.