Monday, February 13, 2017

Love whispers

I am a romantic at heart, so I guess this is why I truly enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day.  Many people complain that it is just another overrated, marketing ploy for people to spend too much money on cards, candy, flowers, and dinners out.  While this may be true, in part, I like to honor this love holiday in ways that honor our hearts, sans commercialism.   

In our current society that is glued to electronics for means of socialization, I desire to intentionally engage more face to face, hand in hand, and couch to couch if at all possible.  Sitting with people over coffee or tea while leaning in and listening to their stories invites simple hospitality for heart to heart engagement.  Warm and friendly hospitality can and should be simple.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing fussy.   Just respect the moment.  

There are countless creative ways to show care and concern for those whom we love and cherish.  It is important to tell them how much we love and appreciate their presence in our lives. Little notes of kindness and encouragement are fun to write.  Sometimes just lending a helping hand when and where it is needed could bring much needed relief to a heavy burden.  A sincere smile to a stranger might be the only positive display of Christ's love and light for them.  

Now, gift offerings of flowers and chocolate are perfectly acceptable, too!   (Hmmm. Dark organic chocolate is the best!) lol.   

L ight the darkness
O ffer help to someone in need
V alue time spent with one another 
E njoy the many blessings bestowed upon you.   

"And now these three remain:faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love. "     1corinthians 13:2 

Happy Valentine's Day!