Saturday, November 14, 2015

From Whoo Hoo! to Boo Hoo!

I am just coming through one of my VERY rough weeks of relentless ICK!!  The weather up here in New England, although beautiful in the Fall, has really done a number on me.  The continual fluctuations of pressure, temps, humidity, and winds are just a brutal combination of triggers for a chronic migraineur.  I was flat out for an entire week and no amount of meds or extra self-care were helping much.  It was a battle of endurance.  Day by day.  Minute by minute.  As I usually describe my situation to many, it is like trying to tread water in the very stormy seas with waves crashing and barely being able to catch a breath or even see the shore up ahead.  Feeling scared and in pain and discouraged just adds to my continual loss of control which leaves me frazzled and fragile to say the least.  

Just last week I blogged about celebrating BETTER days.  Yay!   Woo Hoo!  And celebrate I did!  But this past week quickly turned from Woo Hoo to Boo Hoo.  They were not some of my finer moments, I tell you.  My saint of a husband patiently guided me through each stormy day even working from home when necessary to care for me.  GOD BLESS HIM.  We have learned over the years to manage and constantly find new ways to cope together.  Our faith is growing deeper, and we are truly leaning into the loving arms of Christ to hold us and speak His wisdom into our hearts.  

I am still treading the stormy seas... the waves are calming down a bit at least for today.  However, when I surface each time, I usually look like the "drowned cat"!!  

I am weary in body and mind, but my spirit remains peaceful and calm.  I am continually finding renewed strength in the Lord.  I am clinging to Jesus and His promise of  "Do not be afraid."  

Whatever particular stormy seas you are trying to tread presently, keep your head above water and keep going!  Allow whatever faith brings meaning to you, sustain and bring you strength. 

Just remember, cats have nine lives!

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  1. Lisa,
    So sorry it's been a rough week...especially after a good one. Your perseverance in the face of trials gives me encouragement that will and does bring us THROUGH the valleys. So glad to see you blogging and finding your niche in expressing God's faithfulness in your life.
    Blessings to you sweet friend,
    Bev xx