Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's all about the boots

What do finger-lickin' barbecue, eclectic music, cowgirl boots, and man buns all have in common?  Why, Austin Texas, of course!  My recent adventure to Austin was quite a hoot!  In just a week's time, my hubby and I were able to gather a quick sense of Austin's fabulous culture.  People told us that we would enjoy the city, and enjoy we did.  

While Michael was busily working his days in an intense presentation workshop, I was fortunate to have some free time in which to explore my surroundings.  I took off on foot and made my way around the area near our hotel which was a high end, trendy marketplace called the Domain.   It was about twelve miles or so out of the city proper as well as from the UT Austin campus.  Many of the sights, smells, and sounds were interesting to say the least.   It was fun and freeing to explore and absorb.  

One of the main highlights of the trip was to connect with our son who is a junior at the university. He was so happy we could finally visit him and see a part of his corner of the world.  Our little sightseeing excursions involved tempting our palates with down home barbecue as well as Tex-mex cuisine. All very yummy indeed.  

The other fun "activity" was locating real cowgirl boots for me.  Yes, that's right!  If you know me, you realize that I am quite the boot gal.  I was determined before even making the trip that I wanted to find a pair of boots.  Mission accomplished.  Yay!!  And naturally I found a beautiful purse to match.  How much fun was that??  A lot! 

The weather was starting to turn into Spring,  so it was quite delightful.  Blooms of all colors were popping forth, and the crazy cacti were all over the place both in the wild as well as in planters.  So cool!  Walking about in light clothing was just what I needed from  a break from the long Winter. 

My big accomplishment was overcoming my fear and anxiety of taking a trip this far.  Flying on a plane with my temperamental head and annoying chronic M me nervous and reluctant to step forward and try.  However, the trip went well overall. I kept to my basic routine of eating and resting (like traveling with a toddler) and was able to mange my symptoms appropriately.  

I was thrilled to enjoy every single minute of this adventure. God's grace blanketed me, and I felt warm and comforted.   

I thank each and every one of you who wished me well and kept me in your thoughts and prayers.   Bless you!  I felt lifted up as on eagles wings.  Truly.  

My trusting and surrendering will continue this Lenten Season.  This is a time for listening. A time for growth.  A time for renewal.  




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  1. Lisa,
    LOVE the boots...I so want to get some! They're great for us short gals. Praise that your trip went so well in so many ways!! I really like this quote at the end because i can get quite anxious when it comes to trips as my ocd usually comes a calling. In Christ we CAN do all things.
    Blessings sweet friend,
    Bev xo