Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A blessing to others

On this snowy day, what a better idea than to write another blog post?!   Actually, this time I want to share my friend's post because she has an amazing heart for the Lord and for her new ministry.  Her name is Beverly Rihtarchik, and  we have been "blogging friends" for quite awhile now.  Beverly is a courageous and energetic woman who is the founder and president of Redeemer Christian Foundatiin, Inc which is a charity whose purpose is to assist in providing Christian education in impoverished areas in the Middle East.    This charity offers love and hope to those who are oppressed and will give them opportunities for a much better future.   Many children are orphans and many are being persecuted for their faith.  They really need our help.  

I am inviting Beverly to be my guest post today.  Won't you please take this time to read it and open up your heart to helping these children in need? 
Thank you so much!!  As we bless others, so too, we are blessed. 

I also invite you to follow Beverly's blog, Walkingwellwithgod, for a refreshing perspective on walking out our everyday faith.   She is a real sweetheart and encourager to all!  


  1. Lisa,
    Your friend Beverly is a really fortunate gal to have a special friend like you!! On a serious note...thank you, thank you for helping to get the word out!! I really appreciate all the ways you support and encourage me! You are TRULY a blessing! I can send you some southern sunshine, but there really isn't much warmth. Stay bundled up and safe...
    Love and ((hugs)),
    Bev xo

    1. Would love some southern sun!! Really weary of winter now. Been warm and cozy inside all day. Thanks. May the funding continue!