Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summertime fun

My friends, I hope by mid July you are all seeking and finding some summertime fun into your lives.  It is so important for the body, mind, and spirit to lighten up a bit and partake of what the season of summer has to offer.  Yes, the days can be long and hot and tiring, but somewhere in the midst of all of that, there is fun to be had.   Maybe you are carving out special time for family vacations or just some lazy days off (when schedules permit) to just BE.  Hopefully, a combination of both would be fulfilling.  

For me, I have always enjoyed summer.  As a kid, I loved the long days of hanging out with girlfriends and heading to our local community pool.  There was always something to do or somewhere to go to keep us entertained in ways that were very simple and meaningful.  I also enjoyed a lot of quiet time just reading or listening to my music or playing the piano.  As I grew older, I worked but still found time to immerse myself in the richness of the summer season.  

As time marched on and we grew our own family, summertime took on different phases, so to speak.  Having little ones under toe all the time, the long, hot days were a challenge in some aspects.  It took forever to get everyone rounded up and ready for the day ahead as we set off on many adventures.  I went with girlfriends and their children to parks, children museums, beaches, and indoor play areas for needed reprieve.  We also spent fun times at each other's houses in the pools, sprinklers, and getting drenched from the water gun fights.   We ate loads of yummy Popsicles and simple picnic foods.  The mommies bonded and shared life with kids under foot while the daddies toiled at the workplace.  Sound "traditional"?  Yes, it was.   Life was great.  

Just recently as our family (now 4 grown young men) sat around our dinner table, we talked about the memories of past summers.  The boys each shared some of their favorite memories, and my heart was overjoyed.  They were saying how happy those times were and how thankful for the opportunities which we provided.   WOW.   Mommy had to take a deep breath and savor that moment.   Sometimes, it seems to be the smallest of things that can make a large impact on our soul. 

Currently, my days of summertime fun are hit and miss at best.  I can no longer tolerate sunny days at the beach or a lake.  I have to walk quickly in early morning and then hopefully have a longer stroll on our local Boardwalk in the evening.  I have to stay inside and cool which can make me feel a bit ansie. 
The summer weather patterns are huge M triggers for me which are totally out of my control.   Packing up and going anywhere is a bigger deal for my needs than packing up four young toddlers back in the days!  Lol!  Well, it is what it is, and I do the best I can.  I will continue to set my intentions to focus on the positive and let go of unnecessary expectations.

Just this past week, I found my happy place being surrounded by my four young adult sons who happened to be home here all at once.  Yay!!!  We had a really treasured week together.  It was kind of challenging for me as I was not up for all of the activities due to my continual and most annoying uninvited guest, but I finally threw him out the back door!   Overall, our family shared many laughs and crazy moments that were sacred silly.  Praise God.  

May you find silliness, stillness, and peace during the rest of this summer season. 


  1. So Happy YOU and MIKE had those precious moments with YOUR wonderful Sons. I love you all!

  2. You had lots of fun with us too!! 😍

  3. Lisa,
    Loved seeing these pics of you and your "boys" on Facebook. It's hard adjusting to a new "normal" where physical limitations are concerned. I do believe that God enables us to experience joy even amidst does not totally delete the other. You always inspire me to keep looking for God's goodness, even when I'm hurting!!
    Summer blessings,
    Bev xo

  4. Thanks sweet Bev! And you always inspire me!!