Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's Light Up Our World

Lately I have been thinking about how sad our state of affairs seems to be in our nation and never mind, the world.  I used to hear my parents and their friends talk about "how bad things have gotten over time."  I used to wonder what exactly did they mean?  Now, I find myself thinking and saying the same thing.  Our brothers and sisters everywhere are in deep need of some kind of faith, hope, and love.  We are even destroying our earth in which we live, along with the animal kingdom.

Our political arena is nothing short of a school yard joke.  I am not going to get on my bandwagon so hold on, friends, but my heart has the "sinking feeling" of a world gone mad.  What is this big 'stink' regarding bathrooms anyway?  Personally, I can't use the women's room comfortably because of the horrible, chemical scented air fresheners which actually make me VERY sick!  Ugh!  

What about social issues regarding poverty, women and children trafficking, addictions, just to name a few?  We still can't seem to protect the rights of our disabled, elderly, or our precious unborn.

I know God is with us in all of this mess.  He allows us free will so then the consequences just have to be played out accordingly.  This is our life while here on earth.  However, I wonder what would happen if we could just listen to each other MORE and talk LESS ( or yell less) how our landscapes could change for the better?   Are we so tech-savvy that we have forgotten the art of true conversation, hand holding, letter writing, and real person to person contact that offers time and attention and healing?  I fear so.  

I invite you to listen to one of my favorite inspirational songs by Chris Rice that offers the idea of lighting up our world. 

We are all called to reach out to others with a compassionate heart in the best way we know.

Let's light up our world with our God given gifts.

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