Monday, April 11, 2016

Birthday blessings

In keeping with the Spring and bunny themes, I thought this week I would add to it by "mentioning" my birthday.  Hey---why not?  Spring birthdays are fun because they generally add a brighter and warmer and more colorful dimension to the celebration after having just crawled out from under the heavy, dark blanket of old man winter.  However, this year is kind of weird as it is tricky trying to figure out which season we are actually in at the moment---Winter or Spring? 

Frankly, that doesn't matter to me.   Whether I don my boots or flip flops, heavy jacket or sweater, mittens or not, it will all be okay with me.  You see, this year on my birthday, I am just SO grateful to be home.  Last year at this time, I was lying in a hospital bed so sick and in so much distress and pain that I didn't know which way to turn (literally as well as figuratively).  In short, I was one.big.mess.  Let me just say that I wasn't really in any kind of celebratory mood for almost the entire month of April.  However, my loving family and dearest friends kept lifting me up and encouraging me through it all.  They visited me, brought beautiful flowers, sat quietly at my bedside, cooked meals, ran errands, drove me to Dr. Appointments, prayed, read, rubbed my feet, and catered to me beyond belief.  WOW!  Yes, I felt loved.  

I still feel loved.  My family and friends remain at my side traveling this journey with me.  They actually never seem to grow weary or cranky (like I do)!  Can you imagine that?  Am I the luckiest gal on this planet?  Am I blessed or what?  I am forever postponing or canceling or rearranging plans and am short on follow-through A LOT, but they still are with me and love me!  My dear hubby takes my cues and knows my needs sometimes before I do.  Have I mentioned before he is one awesome hubby?!

This year I celebrated simply and with a big smile on my face.  It was a day of serenity, peace, and joy with the ones I love and cherish.  I received beautiful cards, texts, phone calls, and amazing gifts of love and thoughtfulness that touched my heart in a most profound way. I was mindful of being present to each moment as God showered His continual love and blessings upon me.  It was a beautiful day of rejoicing.  

Thankfully, the old familiar "party crasher" did not appear on the scene until evening.  He at least waited until the end of the day before he barged in and made noise.  Really, he is SO RUDE!  The problem is he comes around too often and hangs around way too long and constantly demands attention and tries to steal my joy.  Well, this year he did not get his way!  So there!  

I felt the presence of heaven shine its bright light into my body, mind, and spirit in a most glorious way. I am grateful. 

I would like to share a photo of a special birthday gift made by my precious goddaughter and her sweet sisters. It is chalk art and hangs proudly on my kitchen wall where it brings me joy. 
In the photo, it is sitting on a beautiful hand sewn quilt carefully crafted by my sister-in-law, Mary, also made with love for my birthday!  

As I have written before on a few previous blog posts,   Life is hard. Life is messy.  Life is beautiful.  


  1. That's beautiful Lisa, so glad you had s good birthday. I don't often see you these days, but love that it is easy to keep in touch with each other's lives just a little this way. I love your blogs ❤️

  2. Lisa,
    Happy Belated birthday...don't you love a spring birthday (mine's in April too). So glad it was far different than your experience last year. I love how you so appreciate God's blessings and mercies. And yes, you have a wonderful hubby. I think of you often as our crazy beagle chases all the bunnies around our back yard. It's bunny season and his nose is working overtime lol. Thank you for always being an inspiration. Life is Hard and it is Messy, but with God it can be Beautiful.
    Bev xx