Sunday, February 7, 2016

My own Super Bowl

While millions of viewers eagerly tune into the Super Bowl each year, "some" of us do not.  I will publicly just put it out there that I am one of those who fit into the "do not watch" category,  I actually never took a liking to football at all.  I think it is so rough and tough,  and I hate to see how men run around and tackle each other and players always, always, always get hurt.  UGH.  This is just not at all appealing to me.  That being said, I am not personally against anyone who loves to watch.  

Even though the game is on because my dear hubby is watching, I am beside him writing my blog instead.  So, in keeping with the theme of Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I would write about my own game, of sorts.  It is my way of not feeling left out.  

My Super Bowl participation on many days feels like an endless cycle of rough and tough plays that even with the best strategic plans in motion, I feel knocked to the ground and hurt.  I am played out physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.  The two teams who always play the game are Me vs. the big M.  It is quite the showdown at times, and believe me, the half-time show can get loud and rowdy as well!  (Hmmm, that sounds familiar).  

What I hate the most are the inevitable over times.  These darn things just drag out the whole big mess and make the game seem endless.  My over times can go on for days at a time.  Where the heck are the referees to bring things under control??   Seemingly, they are nowhere to be found.  Boo.  

Then comes all the Super Bowl food.  What is up with that?  Tons of unhealthy food and lots of beer except for the people who like you to believe they are actually preparing "healthy" snacks---yea, right.  Participating in my Super Bowl, I can say for sure I am not enjoying unhealthy snacks, beer, or otherwise.  No way.  The only thing I may get out of the dining experience is the joy of using paper plates because I am too sick and tired to use real dishes. 

One thing I can pretty much say for sure is the fact that all my dear loved ones root for me to win, hands down!  They hate to see how I feel and look after being tackled and beaten up for days and weeks at a time.  It is no party for my husband to watch.  He is always involved in the clean up in some capacity and somehow he patiently does so time and time again.  

Well, as I compose this blog entry, I do not know who will win Super Bowl 50.  I do not even know how wonderful and inspiring the half time show will be (or not), but I do know that at the present moment, I am NOT playing in my own game.  Nope, not tonight!  I ate some chicken wings and a little chili and a healthy, green salad.  Yes, I did!  But I am only drinking water and tea.  No beer for me.   Drinking ginger-ale usually means something else...

My friends, by the time you read this, Super Bowl 50 will be a game of the past, and I hope it was a great experience for all those who watched.  For me, I am planning some new game strategies to help better prepare for more wins.   


  1. Lisa,
    I have to admit I love my Pittsburgh Steelers!! But, know that I am cheering YOU on from the sidelines. May you get back up from all those tackles and keep running toward the end zone!! You are running the race with you sweet friend...
    Bev xx

  2. Great Super Bowl game analogy. I write about the Super Bowl too as an analogy to ask the question "Is God the Touchdown in Your End Zone?" It is nice meeting you today via Bev who is one of my favorites. Blessings as you begin a new week.