Friday, October 16, 2015

Everyone has a story

As the saying goes, "Everyone has a story."  Yes.  So true.  All our stories are unique and give meaning to life while here on earth.    When we share our stories with one another, we can find a common bond that helps hold us together as we journey through life.  I think this bond is called HOPE.  Without it, we simply cannot live.  Our purpose fades.  HOPE gives us the energy to wake up, get up, and show up for our lives day after day after day.  So, in the midst of my daily struggles and messes and quest for re-purposing my life as a middle-aged woman with a newly diagnosed chronic illness, I thought maybe having the courage to share "my story" would offer HOPE to at least one other individual on this planet. 

My story is just that.  My story.  It has many of the same characteristics as does yours, I am sure.  It involves struggles, achievements, highs, lows, doubt, faith, pain, healing, darkness, light, loneliness, and love just to mention a few.  Hopefully, our stories will connect on some level that might offer insights as to how we can move forward in our daily living, especially in those times when we may be feeling small or just plain stuck in a rut.  Life is messy.  Life is hard.  Life is beautiful.  When we can journey together and open our hearts in an authentic way, the beautiful part becomes more apparent and, perhaps, the hard and messy can be easier to bear.  

I wish to tell my story and write my blogs through the lens of my life long faith while embracing the glorious mystery of God's Grace.  

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