Saturday, June 18, 2016

Treasuring my blessings

I will conclude my June blog posts about migraine/headache disorder awareness with a positive focus.  Often times, I get overwhelmed by the daily grind of dealing with chronic M which can be quite draining and depressing.  I will frame this post in a positive light to lift my spirits as well as share that even in our most difficult trials, we can look for many blessings.

Holding space for both the pain/suffering along with joy.  

Cherishing quality moments more than quantity with family and friends.

Continually being humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and concern for me and my people by so many kind-hearted individuals. 

Embracing the need for more solitude and silence in my days in order to fill with the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  
Enjoying my slower pace of "being" rather than the busy rushing of "doing".   (This is a big transformation as I always thought my doing was of more value than being.)

Practicing patience with myself and others especially when I feel miserable, hurt, and alone.

Seeking the simple pleasures of each day and feeling thankful to experience them, like watching beautiful sunsets from the boardwalk, listening to the birds singing sweetly, and playing with our neighborhood cat who comes to visit me.  

Giving voice to my story through my personal journaling and blogging.

Pursuing a peaceful and prayerful presence each and everyday. 

Letting go of my noisy ego that shouts too loudly and instead learning to laugh more.  

Swallowing my pride and accepting help when I need it.  

Realizing that self-care and compassion are vital to my healing process and letting go of the guilt which may accompany it.  

Casting fear aside for a bit and trying new medical treatments while remaining positive.

Learning not to sweat the small stuff!  

Living in the present moment and breathing in its most sacred space.  

Believing that my suffering does have a redemptive purpose even if I can't see it.  

Opening my heart to a deeper sense of compassion for others who are in need and suffering. 

Desiring to jump in and "do the hard and messy" with someone else who is struggling.

Acknowledging and accepting life is full of more tough questions than neat and tidy answers. 

Learning to get out of my own way so that God can fill me up with His beautiful plan for my life. 

Last but not least, praying with conviction, fervor, and purpose because our awesome God is continually showing me the power of prayer.  

Thank you to my readers for sharing this journey with me and know that I am truly blessed by your constant encouragement, support, and love.  

I bet you already have experienced many of these same blessings but may not have reflected upon them.  Maybe you will soon allow yourself the opportunity to do so.  

Happy summer!!


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