Sunday, March 6, 2016


I, for one, am not a particularly big fan of transitions.  Transitions usually make me feel uneasy and impatient and downright scared.  Grrr.  I would like to think that as I "mature", I could happily report that I am better with the whole "transitioning thing".  Well, not so much.  

Transitioning from one season to the next in regards to nature's cycles is both exciting yet frustrating.  I look forward to observing nature's beauty in its many forms as the earth undergoes continuous life-cycle changes.  The animals display different habits, the vegetation has succinct growing patterns, and the weather offers multiple fluctuations of some sort.  Some I like, and some I definitely do not.  

Speaking of weather, this is one transition that gives me great difficulty in ANY season---Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.  The constant fluctuations in temps, barometric pressure, wind and humidity drive my poor chronic migraine body CRAZY.  I know for others who suffer from chronic illnesses that are weather-sensitive, this is one tough battle.  I.Get.It.  I really do.  

The month of March is upon us, and I am preparing myself for the big transition from Winter to Spring. Here in New England, it is cold one day and relatively mild the next with signs of new, green life popping up from the cold, dark earth.  It is fun to see!  I LOVE nature walks, but I get easily discouraged  when I feel all full of energy for my walk one day and then completely unable to move from all the pain the next. The days are growing longer and lighter which make for a "happier me" as I can look forward to a second walk after dinner with hubby!!  Yay!!  This starts our together time for the next few seasons on our gorgeous boardwalk by the beach.  

I am also transitioning with my treatments.  I am up and down, happy and frustrated.  I am transitioning between doctors and all that goes with that drama.  Never simple.  It takes A LOT of my energy to deal with my current health issues, but I know that if I just take a breath and surrender to God, He always guides my next steps which help me navigate through the constant maze of change.  

There are many transitions in life that bring us into new seasons which are full of growth and exciting new opportunities.  I could write a very lengthy blog post on this, but I will spare you.  I just want to invite you to reflect on the different transitions in your life that may be bringing you great joy out of deep sorrow or some that are just starting to give you a fresh perspective that may be coming from a bittersweet challenge.  

Currently, I am feeling like the little, green bud that is just starting to peek forth from the dark, cold ground.  It is just starting to "see" with a new perspective after having been longing for Light above the earth.  With proper time and nourishment from our Creator, it will, hopefully, offer some new blooms of beauty to be enjoyed by those around it.  

Happy Spring!!

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  1. Lisa,
    I can relate to what you say about change. On one hand we are new buds waiting to burst forth, but first we must go through the difficult task of breaking through the hard earth of change. Already, in the south, I turn the heat on over night, but turn the A/C on by mid afternoon. My body feels the changes...but nothing like what you experience. Praying for peace and patience for you as you weather the changing of the seasons. Always enjoy reading your insights...
    Bev xx